Monday, August 25, 2014

Move program between terminals

Finally I have found an easy way of moving a running program from one terminal to another in Linux.

1. Install a neat program called "reptyr"
     $sudo apt-get install reptyr
2. start a never ending program in one terminal
3. start a second terminal and find the PID of the never ending program by running
     $ps -er | grep nRF  
          -where the "nRF" part is part of the never ending program name
          -you might want to make the terminal window broader to see all the text
4. look after the PID that corresponds to the ps-output:
     pi         2801     2800     1   20:57  pts/1       00:00:01 python3   /home/pi/
          -the PID is the number 2801 in the example above.
5. in the second terminal, run:
     $reptyr 2801
and the second terminal will print out 11 rows of text starting with [+] to tell you everything worked, and at the bottom show the out and input of the program.
The first terminal will go on and ask for a new input and act as if nothing has happened.

Another useful thing with the PID is when you want to kill a process. just type $kill 2801 where 2801 is the PID