Monday, May 27, 2013

Setting up Raspbian on Raspberry pi

This is step by step how i installed Raspbian on my Raspberry pi:

  1. On a PC (or mac/linux, i will cover the PC-version) download the file "Raspbian Wheesy" from the website, using either a torrent program like utorrent or by the direct downloading-link.
  2. Extract the files to a folder on the computer, remember the location!
  3. Insert an SD-card in the computer, and make sure it contains nothing of value (since you will wipe all of its data later)
  4. (windows users) Download the program "Win32Diskmanager" from this site (green download button).
    1.  Extract the files to a folder, and open the file "Win32Diskmanager"
    2. In the program, press the blue folder-button and brows to the file you downloaded and extracted in step 1-2 (something like: "2013-05-12-wheeay-raspbian")
    3. Make sure it is the right SD-card in the "Device" tab, and press the "Write" button. (only takes a couple of minutes. 
  5. Move the SD-card to the Raspberry pi and connect:
    1. A mouse + keyboard
    2. HDMI-cable (to screen) 
    3. Network cable or wifi adapter
    4. Finnish by inserting the usb power adapter (at least 750mA)
  6. If you are having problems with the HDMI connection, unplug the USB-devices and restart the RPi (happens if you have a weak power supply!)
  7. The "Raspi-config" box shows up: 
  8. Start by arrow down to "expand_rootfs" and press enter
    1. Accept by pressing enter again. This setting makes sure the whole SD-card gets used, otherwise only 2GB will be visible to the system.
  9. Configure_keyboard (takes a while to load)
    1. Try to find a match in the list/enter
    2. Chose "other" at the very bottom/enter
    3. page down to your language/enter
    4. choose your language/enter
    5. Choose "The default for the keyboard layout"/enter
    6. choose "No compose key"/enter
    7. change this one to "<yes>"/enter (to enable the ctr+alt+backspace (like ctrl+alt+delete on windows))
  10.   Change_pass
    1. Pres "Ok" on window that pops up, (Change the standard password from "raspberry" to something else)
    2. Type new password/enter
    3. retype the same password/enter
  11. Change_local
    1. scroll down (or "page down") to your local (mine is "[] sv_SE.UTF-8 UTF-8") and press SPACE-key to put an "*" in the "[*]", finish with enter
    2. Choose your local in the list/enter (takes a while)
  12. Change_timezone
    1. Go to your timezone in the list (Europe)/enter
    2. Find a city nearby (Stockholm)/enter
  13. Overclock
    1. If you want to boost the RPi, its here! 
    2. I choose "modest", and it seem to work fine!
  14. Boot_behaviour
    1. confirm with yes (to skip the login-thing every time you boot up)
  15. Finnish by pressing right key twise to get to "<Finish>" and press Enter
    1. Press "Yes" to reboot
Now you should boot straight into Raspbian Wheesy, if not type your username ("pi"/enter) and your password ("raspberry"/enter if not changed), now type "startx"/enter to get to the desktop!
To get to the raspi-config again, open a terminal ("LXTerminal") and type "sudo raspi-config"/enter 


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